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Cooking Mama is a social movement

Cooking Mama is a pioneering proyect in Spain, created with the dream of making available to everyone throughout the world, the cuisine of every home and every business all over the planet. Thereby, you are given the opportunity to sample freshly prepared home cooking from each home or business near the area you may find yourself in: implemented in the easiest, most convenient - wherever you are; watever time it may be. More than 50 countries are already able to experience this phenomenon.

If each day, you prepare a dish for yourself or your family; why not prepare extra portions? In this way you will find that you are able to subsidise the cost of your own food.

In Cooking Mama you choose who you want to be: the “Chef” who prepares or the “Gourmet” who tastes.

The Chef or Cook:
If you skill or talent is creativity, is is easy. Create and design your dish in your very own kitchen or business. Take a photo of your creation. Make it public. Add details and special features. Add a seelling price or ask for a donation. Present the dish in a suitable container with suitable cutlery, ready to take away and be enjoyed. Thus, people who find themselvesin the vicinity will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy your cooking. Your culinary talent will be recognise via views and opinions and “stars” added to your dish. Moreover, by offering this service, you will be subsidising the cost of your own food.

The Gourmet:
We are well aware that you expect the best quality. Thats is why we will bring directly to you, from the every area you may find yoursef in, freshly prepared home cooking, taking into consideration any food allergies or special request such as vegetarian or vegan. All you have to do is locate what is on offer near you and contact the person or business to request, via phone or “chat”. It is as easy as that! One you have tried your chosen dish, piblicise your favourites with views and opinions and “stars” added. You will make hundreds of peope happy and help feed families all over the world.

This proyect pays homepage to every Mother throughout, havin been inspired by the very best cooking in the world. Mama's cooking!

Popular questions

Cooking Mama

How does it work? What is the procedure?

It is very simple. As the Chef, you prepare your dish at home or at your business. You publicise it. Add your details, then wait for the Gourmet interested in your dish, to contact you via ‘chat’ or phone to arrange collection of the dish - perfectly and correctly packaged in a take-away container- from your home or an agreed location.

How much does the application cost?

The application is completely free.

What minimum requirements need to cook at home?

You will need the approved food hygiene licence, adapted to the new hygiene and allergy standards, UE1169/2011, enforced since 2014. This is to ensure the quality of ingredients, food safety and hygiene of each dish and includes adequate disposable containers and cutlery.

Can anyone or any business offer their cooking?

Yes, Cooking Mama is an application available to everyone.

What will I gain by offering my food as the Chef?

Prestige; respect and recognition and a monetary donation agreed between you and the Gourmet.

Therefore, if I have the application, will I be able to sell my cooking?

The aim of the Cooking Mama project is to help everyone with a flair or talent for cooking to be able to eat each day in a dignified way - whoever you are, whatever your personal situation may be: unemployed; retired; in need; struggling to make ends meet; a student with hardly any financial backing; or simply a cooking enthusiast wanting to share your enthusiasm for cooking to everyone around you.

Can I use this application for my bar, restaurant or another similar business?

Cooking Mama is a tool, implemented with the aim of bringing out the best in you through your cooking. Thus, benefiting you; helping you to obtain more sales by becoming widely-recognised for your cooking and most definitely helping you to flourish and prosper.

Will this application affect any special groups?

Cooking Mama has been created as a means of helping everyone, without distinction. It will have a positive effect on all groups.

What is the cost of each dish?

The cost is worked out according to the size of the dish; the quality of its ingredients; the creativity and detail involved. The final price will be agreed by both the Chef and the Gourmet.

What does Cooking Mama receive for each transaction?

Nothing at all. Cooking Mama does not involve itself in the agreement reached between the Chef and the Gourmet.

Is there a limit to the number of dishes I can publicise?

There is no limit. You decide how many dishes you wish to publicise.

What platforms are available to publicise?

Smartphones with iOS and Android. There will be other platforms in the near future.

As a Gourmet, will the selected dish be delivered to me or do I have to collect it?

If you are dealing with a business, they will decide whether to offer delivery to you. However, if you are dealing with an individual, then the most convenient place for collection will be decided between you both.

How many languages is the application available in?

At present, in Spanish and English.

How many countries is this application available in?

More than 50 countries: around Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.

How can I help in this project?

Make the project known to all your friends; circulate it on the social networks via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Google, VK, Meneame, service sectors and so on. Spread the news about the Cooking Mama project: the opportunity to taste or offer home cooking, freshly prepared for everyone all over the world; prepared in your own home or business because cooking is done is everywhere. Cooking Mama needs your help and input in order to expand and grow and reach all homes and businesses everywhere. The greater we become in number the more we will enjoy all the benefits of Cooking Mama.

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